Optimizing Amazon Listings For Mobile

Today, we're going to talk about all things at listing, optimization and specifically optimizing your listing for mobile on Amazon. 

As you probably know by now, Amazon is obsessed with user experience.

Optimizing your listings for mobile is a huge consideration when looking to deliver a greater experience for your customers. Along with a greater customer experience, you should see more sales, more ranking, and more growth in your business.

More and more shoppers (upwards of 80%, if you believe Amazon) are now starting their shopping journey on mobile.

If you're going to convert traffic into custom, then you need to get browsers onto your listing. The only things that determine whether browsers are going to do exactly that when on mobile are these five things: 

1. Your main image
2. Your title
3. Your reviews - both the amount and the rating
4. Your pricing
5. Any discounts you're offering via coupons/vouchers

You could also add into that the prime badge, but this wouldn’t necessarily apply if you’re an FBA seller since you’re going to have this automatically. 

Now, what we’re going to look at as an example is the iPhone 11 Pro Case. Going through the results page on Amazon (go on, take a look!), the first thing to notice is that hardly anyone is making use of vouchers. It takes a big scroll down until we get down and see one where they're using a one-pound green voucher. 

That green really sticks out as you’re scrolling and just appeals to the buyer showing there's a discount. Everyone loves a discount so I'm amazed that more of these listings aren't using that. There's one way to immediately optimize your listing. 

Another thing you need to look at is the title. It is truncated as it only goes up to 80 characters. 

Next, the main thing you want to be looking at when it comes to optimizing for mobile in the results page is the main image. This is a relatively new thing and is different to a lot of training. You won't hear many people talking about this, but our recommendation now is actually to use a portrait image for your main image. 

So, when it comes to the main listing results, the two areas that you really want to focus on are getting that voucher going and getting that main image into a portrait mode. Those two things alone will really help you optimize your listing for mobile, which is where 80% of shoppers start their journey.

Now, let's talk about the actual listing itself. 

The listing order that you see on mobile is considerably different to desktop. In mobile, it starts with the brand name and reviews at the top. Then you've got the title, the images and the product variations. Then, you have the pricing, availability information, any promotions, and the “Add to Basket”

If we go down further, we get to “Frequently Bought Together” and sponsored products. Meanwhile, what you would normally see on a desktop is the main image with the bullet points right next to it. 

What you see first on mobile actually is called your A+ content, which used to be called enhanced brand content or EBC. A+ content is a game changer as it can really help you communicate your brand, as well as the features and benefits of your product to create something a lot more visually engaging than you were previously able to do. If you want to know how you actually create this, then you need to have a brand registry. 

You need your brand to be registered with Amazon. In order to do that, you need a trademark. In the UK, it should only take two to three months. In the US, it can take up to around nine months. So our recommendation, if you are selling in the UK, of course, it's to register a trademark in the UK then use that to apply for a brand registry in the US.

Once registered, you can now create your A+ content. This allows you to create up to five different modules where you can put text and image for each. The roads you don't want to go down with your images for your A+ content are images that have loads of text in them feeling like you've got this massive image and loads of space where you're going to put loads of text in it to really highlight every single feature you know about your product. 

Whereas, when it scales down to mobile it can become a lot smaller, so I would recommend highlighting one feature and one benefit, sort of a bird's eye view highlight. Then, some really nice imagery. Sell the product in this section because this is a real bonus that you actually get to have this showing up above your bullet points and description.

Next to A+ content, you've got your features and details which are your bullet points. Number of bullet points shown may vary based on the type of device used, some have 5 while others only show up to 3. Then you've got your product information which is really important if you've got like a technical product and you want to have your measurements and the specifics of it in there. Then you've also got the “Customers who Bought this Item also Bought This”, your questions and answers, some sponsor products and then your customer reviews. 

Nowadays, a lot of people are still shopping on mobile and then going to desktops to make their final decision. But it goes without saying.. 80% plus people are doing their initial search on mobile so we've got to be optimized for mobile. 

To finish off let’s run down our recommendations on best practices to optimize your listings for mobile. 

  • Images
  • That’s the first and the easiest thing that you can change right now to really optimize your listing for mobile. Get your main image in portrait mode and test how it works and looks on both mobile and desktop. Then, of course, your supplementary images. They are front and center as always and so just relook at those to make sure they are optimized for the shopping experience. 

  • A+ Content
  • Second of the best practices is your A+ content, formerly known as enhanced brand content or EBC. Make sure that you are making it a priority to register a trademark if you haven't already and then a priority to get Brand Registry and upload your A+ content so Amazon can review it, get it approved and listed as this will dramatically help your conversions on mobile... A+ content is a priority!

  • Easily Digestible Information
  • The third actionable takeaway for you is to create easily digestible information. Stop writing bullet points that are 500 characters long.

    Luckily most categories don't allow you to do this and the limit is 200 to 250. Only use that 250 and don't use anything more even if you’re allowed to because it will just get too wordy, making it look like your stuffing keywords which will make people lose interest.

    So, make sure that with your description, your title, your bullet points and with everything you write, remember it's mobile. People are moving fast and just scanning through so make sure it's easily digestible information. Revisit your copywriting, make sure it's engaging, make sure you're not just talking about the features, but you're selling the benefits. 

  • Title
  • Recommendation number four is to look at your title and make sure that the first 80 characters of your title pack-a-punch. You're going to want to get as much key information that you believe makes your product unique and you’re going to want to make sure you get that in the first 80 characters.

    Of course, you want your main keyword in there too, but anything that you want to be shown on the listing results for mobile has to be in those first 80 characters.

  • Product Description
  • Number five is your product description. Only the first 200 characters are going to show so any key information that you want to be displayed in your product description like a call-to-action, benefits, and features, make sure they are primarily in the first 200 characters of your description. 

  • Bullet Points
  • Finally, number six is your bullet points. Make sure you go for quality over quantity. Make sure you use all five of them and that you do get some good keywords in there. But, don't just stuff keywords in that make no sense. Don't add words that you don't need to make sure that you optimize your listing for success.

    Now, optimization is rarely an easy process and cutting it down to what really counts is definitely a challenge. Writer William Cowper was quoted once saying…

    “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

    A lot of copywriters and advertisers have referenced this quote because what he's saying is often, it actually takes more time to say less because when you say less it can be more punchy and meaningful.

    But to truly optimize for mobile, you need to be relentless at cutting away the noise. You need to focus on what matters most because mobile is where the world is moving and you need to make sure you are well-positioned for this continuing shift. 

    If we can assist you in any way when it comes to Amazon Listing Optimization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.