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Optimizing Your Brand

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The Power Of Optimization

A common private label product will sell 10 units per day on the Amazon platform with a 10% conversion rate. If, by optimizing your listing for higher impressions, clicks, and conversions you could increase your conversion rate to just 15% it would result in an extra 1,825 sales per year. 

Multiply 1,825 x your profit margin and you will quickly see the power of an optimized listing on Amazon.

Key Optimization Metrics

At OPTAMAZE our expertise is optimizing for Amazon. With years of experience, we have developed a team who know how to create content that converts. It is a data-driven approach that separates the successful from the unsuccessful when selling on Amazon, and we therefore build our entire optimization agency around 3 core metrics.


The very first step of success on Amazon is visibility. In order to sell products, generate revenue, and build a cutting edge business, you need your products to be visible. Impressions are when your product appears in the search results following a specific search by a customer. Aspects such as keyword research and well written product listings are essential to attract impressions


Impressions alone won't sell your products - the next step we need customers to make is a click. Once our product is visible, we need to work hard to make it clickable. Increase your click through rate (otherwise known as CTR) and you will vastly increase your chances of success. Images, review generation and a well-crafted title will all help attract more clicks.


Without conversions your business is without revenue. Once your product is visible and attracting clicks, your focus should turn to conversions - when a browsing shopper becomes a paying customer. This is the hardest metric to master but by investing in the creation of a highly optimized listing you can set your products apart and watch your conversions soar.

"It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic."

Jeffrey Eisenberg - Bestselling Author

Optimized; Guaranteed

Our team has been optimizing Amazon listings for a number of years now. We know what works. Therefore we are willing to offer a guarantee that you are satisfied with our work, and/or that your conversion rate improves, or your money back.

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